Find Great Places To Eat While At LAX!

As soon as you enter it, you'll realize that LAX is a huge airport. One of the biggest travel hubs in the world, the Los Angeles International Airport has thousands upon thousands of people coming and going every day. So if you manage to get to your flight with a bit of time to spare and you find your stomach grumbling, don't worry - there are over 50 different restaurants at Los Angeles International Airport. And to help you make up your mind, tips and tricks that'll make your LAX travel a hassle-free experience, and eating at LAX is no exception. Let's say you've arrived at Los Angeles Airport Parking and look at your phone to discover you still have over an hour before you need to board - where should you go to eat? The answer is Encounter Restaurant. Located outside the airport at 209 World Way, Encounter Restaurant is a casual fine dining experience famous for chef Michel Audeon's selections of Peking-style roasted duck and Ahi Tuna Tartare - a delicious alternative if you have the time!